January 2018, 17th Edition


Happy New Year To Everyone:

We have over 1,000 different kinds of glass available at The Glass Garden.  When Spectrum Glass closed, we purchased ahead as much as possible, not knowing how long it would be until those varieties would be available again. 

Oceanside Glass (Previously Spectrum) has finally started shipping glass, which will allow us to fully restock our supplies!  At this point it is mostly clears, but we are expecting more in the months to come.  It's exciting for me to be able to offer these glasses to you again!

I wanted to mention once again we are having a glass cutting class on January 15th at 6:30 pm.  Taking this one night glass will open up so much more to those who enjoy taking our specialty classes.  Learning the simple techniques of glass cutting can add unique touches to your projects.  Learning glass cutting will also give you an advantage in fusing classes.  In general, you will have more fun and who doesn't like that idea!

My final note for this newsletter---Snowflake season has just begun, so stop in and make your own flake!  

--Judy Shumway, Owner

Snowflake Facts


A cloud is made from countless microscopic water droplets.  When a cloud freezes, snowflakes result.

A symmetrical snowflake is not a frozen raindrop, but rather a single crystal of ice that grows directly from water vapor in the air.  The process takes about fifteen minutes, as the snowflake slowly drifts to earth.

Just a note*****Our snowflakes at the Glass Garden may take more than fifteen minutes to make, but they never melt!


Community News:

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We are participating in a pet food drive sponsored by the Janesville Veterinary Clinic.  Please join us in helping needy animals in Rock County by bringing in pet food items to our store through January 31st.

Current Specials


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