April 2018, 18th Edition


Happy Spring!  Spring is the perfect time to start planning your summer fun!  Check out all of the new classes we just added!

Also remember to check out our monthly specials for savings on upcoming projects.

Now I would like to hear from all of you.  We at the shop are starting to come up with classes for the next quarter.  In that effort I am asking for your input.

Have there been classes in the past that you would like to have scheduled again?  Perhaps you couldn't make that date for some reason or you just enjoyed it and would like to attend again this time with a friend.  Comment below, or send me an e-mail at judy@eglassgarden.com.

Enjoy the upcoming spring and all that it brings!

--Judy Shumway, Owner

Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things


Worcestershire Sauce

In the mid 1800's, British nobleman Sir Marcus Sandys returned to his native England from service in India where he had acquired a recipe for a tangy sauce--a secret blend of spices and seasonings which was doused liberally on many Indian dishes.

From his estate in Worcester, England, Sandys commissioned two chemists, John Lea and William Perrins, to prepare bottles of the sauce for private use in his household and as gifts for friends.  

Its popularity prompted Lea and Perrins, with Sandys permission, to manufacture it under the name "Worcester Sauce."

It debuted in America, though, as "Worcestershire Sauce"-- Shire being the British equivalent to county, and Worcestershire being the county seat of Worcester.  Americans took readily to the condiment!


Community News:


The Spring Rock River Wine Walk in downtown Janesville is May 19th from 1pm to 5pm, and The Glass Garden will be a tasting location!

We will have special event pricing on many items!



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Upcoming Classes

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