January 2016, 9th Edition

The Glass Garden Quarterly Newsletter


Welcome to another edition of our newsletter!

We are in the throes of winter and so far it's been a mild one.  There is one thing that has not been mild though, and that's Our Ladies Night Out!  Our once a month event has been booked full since its inception over a year ago. 

Starting January 2016, we’re offering a new project for Ladies Night Out, a fused art strip, so grab your friend and sign up --EARLY-- this event fills up fast!   This class requires no prior experience!  The mission statement is:  "Food-Friends-Fun".

We just posted a TON of new classes, so be sure to check them out on our website, at www.eglassgarden.com/all-classes.

Also, be sure to complete this quarter’s WORD FIND and bring it into the store before March 15th, 2016, for a chance to win a Glass Quarterly magazine and a $10 Gift Certificate to The Glass Garden! 

Judy Shumway, Owner


Macadamia nuts do have shells.  But selling them in their shells would present a serious marketing problem. Only Superman could eat them.  According to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation, the largest producer of macadamias in the world, "It takes 300 pounds per square inch of pressure to break the shell"

After macadamias are harvested, the husks are removed, and then the nuts are dried and cured to reduce their moisture. The drying process helps separate the kernel from the shell; without this separation, it would be impossible to apply the pressure necessary  to shatter the shell without pulverizing the contents.  The nuts then pass through counter-rotating steel rollers spaced to break the shell without shattering the nutmeat.

Of course, one question remains. Why did nature bother creating macadamias when humans and animals (even raging rhinos) can't break open the shells to eat them without the aid of heavy machinery?


January                         25% Off In Stock Pattern Books

February                       20% Stained Glass Chemicals

March                            $10 Off $50 or more of glass purchases

Gather your friends and/or family members and create a glass project!

Our private parties are meant just for that.  Invite 5 or more people to come and create a lasting project that everyone will be amazed at.  Bring some food and drinks and make it more memorable.  There are 5 projects to pick from and here they are:  Stringer Plates, Name Plates, Art Strips, Confetti Trays, Snow Flakes.

Call the Shop now and plan your private party class.  NO experience is needed so don't leave anyone out.


Although real snowflakes that nature provides us don't last, ours do!

You couldn't give a more perfect gift than a glass snowflake!  Although we aren't nature we make some awesome snowflakes.  There are several for sale or we can make one just for you.  Remember a gift doesn't mean you have to give it away!!!