12/9, Fused Penguin Wall Art or Plate Class


12/9, Fused Penguin Wall Art or Plate Class


Date: Saturday, December 9th, 9:30-2:30pm

Glass cutting experience is necessary to make the sample piece!  If you don’t have cutting experience your project will need to be somewhat simpler.

In this class, you will build your creation on a 12"x 12" piece of clear glass.  For the iceberg layer, you will cut and grind the glass from the pattern provided to fit your square base.  The penguins are then cut, ground, and placed on top of the iceberg.  Embellishments can be added as snow or ice.

Stop in prior to the class to purchase your glass and pick up your pattern.  It will be helpful if you cut your pattern out and apply it to the glass so you will be ready to start cutting and grinding when class begins as class time is at a premium.

We will fire your project flat and then you can decide if you want it slumped into a plate shape or you can leave it flat and display it as wall art.

Cost includes clear base glass, pattern, scrap glass, embellishments, kiln firing and lunch.  You will need to purchase glass for the background & penguins.

Bring:  your glass cutting tools, if you have them and safety glasses, if you don’t already wear glasses.  No shorts or open-toed shoes.

Teacher: Sonja Kipper

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