9/23, Ring of Posies Bowl Class


9/23, Ring of Posies Bowl Class


Date: Saturday, Sept 23rd, 9:30-2:30pm

No experience is necessary!

This bright, fun bowl is done using a simple stacking technique.  Our sample is slumped into a bowl but you can just as easily slump yours into a plate.

In this class you will start by cutting out a circle from a 12” square piece of clear glass.  You will then nip colored glass into irregular petal shapes and layer that  on top your circle for a 3D look and feel.  You can mix opaque and transparent glass together to create a sort of optical illusion.

We will first fire your project flat and then slump it into a bowl or plate mold.

Cost includes clear base glass, scrap glass for nipping, 2 kiln firings and lunch. If you need a specific color for your flowers you will have to purchase it.

Bring:  your glass cutting tools, if you have them and safety glasses, if you don’t already wear glasses.  No shorts or open-toed shoes.

Teacher: Roxanne Hanly

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