6/11, Fusing Fun-Lollipop Stakes Class

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FF Lollipop Stakes class- fw.jpg

6/11, Fusing Fun-Lollipop Stakes Class


Date: Tuesday, June 11th, 10-12:30 or 5-7:30pm

Glass cutting experience is helpful but not necessary!

Summer is just around the corner.  Join us to create two colorful lollipop stakes to place in your garden or flower pots.  These are sure to be a showpiece in your garden.

In this class, you will cut two circles out of clear base glass.  You will decorate them to your unique style using a variety of items.  You can use “precuts” to add detail to your lollipops.

After fusing we will attach you rod/stake to your project for $5, or you can take it home and do it yourself.

Cost includes 6x12” clear base glass, scrap glass, 18” rod/stake, dots, pebbles, stringers, noodles, frit, other embellishments and the kiln firing.  You will need to purchase any precuts you use.

Bring:  glass cutting tools, if you have them and glasses. No shorts or open-toed shoes.

Teacher: Sonja Kipper

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