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Mosaic Bowling Ball Class

Mosaic Bowling Ball Class

Mosaic Bowling Ball Class

In this class, you will learn how to decorate a bowling ball using the mosaic technique.

We will take you through the steps of cutting the glass to fit the curve of the ball, adhering it and finally grouting and sealing the ball.

We have a selection of patterns available or you can also create your own, but by using a random design of three colors, you are more likely to finish your ball in class. 

You will need to stop in before the class to make your glass selection, as class time does not allow for that.

If you don't finish your ball on the day of the class, you can take it home and finish it since we will take you through all the necessary steps. Bring a bath towel to easily transport your ball home.

Bring: Safety glasses if you don't already wear glasses

No open-toed shoes or shorts.


Teacher:  Sonja Kipper

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